Apple iPad Mini 3 Shows Poor Battery Life Compared To The Mini 2 In Latest Tests

Ramish Zafar

At Apple's latest launch event in Town Hall California, it was the iPad Air 2 which received the most attention. And rightly so, since the tablet came with several major improvements, which are enough to classify it as a complete reboot. Nevertheless, besides the iPad Air 2 Apple also launched the iPad Mini 3.

When compared to the iPad Air 2, the iPad Mini 3 remained largely similar to it's predecessor, with the only improvements in the gadget being the introduction of a Touch ID sensor and a new gold color option. Nevertheless, despite these minimal upgrades, we would still expect the iPad Mini 3 to outperform the Mini 2. Yet the device fails to impress courtesy of some new battery tests which have surfaced today.

mini3New Battery Tests See The iPad Mini 3 Vastly Outperformed By The iPad Mini 3.

Thanks to folks over at phonearena, we have been able to get our hands on one of the first tests performed on the iPad Mini 3. While sadly the tests related only to battery life, yet their results are surprising enough to merit a post. As you can see in the image above, the iPad Mini 3 is not only outperformed by the iPad Mini 2 but also by Samsung's Galaxy Tab.

The iPad Mini 2 sees it's battery timing come to a respective value of 8 hours 28, and while the Galaxy Tab lags an hour and a half behind, the iPad Mini 3 does not even appear to be in the same league. The iPad Mini 3 has a surprisingly short battery time of 6 hours 53 minutes, which in today's era of usage isn't quite that much.

So for those of you who were hoping that the iPad Mini 3 would have longer usage times than its predecessor seem to be in for disappointment today. While you still will be able to squeeze around a day's use from the tablet, don't expect the iPad Mini 3 to be working any battery wonders.



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