Tesla Has Revised Its Mission Statement, Changing ‘One’ Important Word


The ambitious CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, is known for doing things that only some consider. Earlier this week Musk tweeted that he was working on a “top secret plan” for Tesla. Since the company has already pretty much covered everything that was in its secret master plan of 2006. Musk is now planning for the future for his company and a recent change in Tesla’s mission statement shows this.

Tesla changed its mission statement ‘very slightly’

While there are people who are waiting for some big news of the new top secret plan that Musk spoke of, business news site Bloomberg spotted a revision in the mission statement of Tesla. The revision is a very small one; only one word has been changed from “sustainable transport” to “sustainable energy”. While this may not be the secret plan everyone was on the lookout for this is not a surprising change; mainly because Tesla has been going in this direction and has been bidding to acquire solar power system company SolarCity. The initial response of the possible merger of the two companies has not been very positive in the market.

The mission statement before the change:

tesla mission statement

The revised mission statement:
tesla mission statement1

End of last month a report from the same Bloomberg reported that the merger between Tesla and SolarCity was much bigger than just business. That may have been a hint towards something that we see in the change above.

"Tesla Motors Inc.’s bid to buy the biggest US rooftop solar installer has little to do with selling cars. Rather, it’s about solving two of the biggest problems standing in the way of the next solar boom. And perhaps a good deal more," Bloomberg reporter Tom Randall wrote in an article last month.

Randall also stated that Tesla isn’t just randomly veering into other business ventures "It’s also a battery company that wants to link its two biggest markets: energy supply (solar) with energy demand (electric cars)," Randall adds.

The old and new plan are pretty similar considering the fact that most of the original master plan revolved around being environmentally responsible and so does the new one. So even though Musk is thinking of colonizing Mars, he still wants to see the Earth become a better place. It seems that even though SpaceX is for his deep space ambitions, he’s going to take care of Earth with Tesla. All hope isn’t lost for Earth, there are still people doing good for the planet.

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