Tequila Works CEO: It Was Probably Too Early to Show Rime; Players Will Be Pleasantly Surprised by the Game

Tequila Works became famous when Rime's debut video was showcased at Sony's Gamescom 2014 keynote. The Spanish studio got a lot of attention because of that showcase, with press and gamers alike making comparisons to revered games like Zelda and ICO. However, since then Tequila Works went pretty much silent and we eventually learned that the Spanish team bought the IP back from Sony; Rime will now be published by Six Foot and Grey Box for a 2017 release.

In an interview published earlier today by GamesIndustry.biz, Tequila Works' CEO Raúl Rubio admitted that it was probably too early to show the game back in 2014 and they understand the skepticism that now surrounds the game.

We totally understand. If it's delayed - even if it's only delayed in your mind because you never got the release date - you think, 'Oh man, they must be in trouble.' Then rumours appear. People say that where there's smoke there's fire, but sometimes when there's smoke, there's just smoke... As a gamer, I understand. You are expecting something, you want to play the game, and you can't. So you need to try and find the explanation.

In retrospect, it probably was too soon [to show the game], not because the trailer was not honest or real - it was the real game - but sometimes when the player sees something on the screen, they think it's final. It has beautiful graphics. It's done. But it's not that simple. Game development means that you spend much more time polishing the product than actually creating the content.

Rubio then added that he thinks people will be pleasantly surprised by the final experience, which we'll get a glimpse of in early 2017, when Tequila Works will show more of the game after a very long time.

You have to live with these expectations. You have to live with people thinking that you are creating something that it is not. We are trying to be very clear about what Rime is, and when we finally show the game early next year I think - I really hope - people like it.

I'm glad that, not only is the adventure going to end, but that it is going to have a good ending. That's what counts.

Are you still interested in Rime after all the delays and secrecy? If not, there's another Tequila Works title you should check out: The Sexy Brutale. We checked it at Gamescom 2016 and it got our Adventure Game of the Show award.

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