New Tegra X1 Benchmarks Leaked; NVIDIA Prepping To Release New Slate Soon?

Omar Sohail

Remember the last time we talked about NVIDIA gearing up to release its Tegra X1 powered Shield Tablet? It looks like it will not be long till markets will be flooded with the large screen product because the latest benchmarking leak reveals the score of Tegra X1. Overall, the results look very impressive, which was expected from the 20 nm SoC.

Tegra X1 Geekbench Shows Really A High Single-Core Test Score; SoC Disappoints In The Multi-Core Test

The latest image coming in from China reveals that Tegra X1 is able to perform really well in the single-core test of Geekbench. Tegra X1 was able to obtain a score of 2,599 points in this test, which is much higher compared to the single-core test result of Samsung’s 14 nm FinFET processed Exynos 7420, which was only able to score 1,486 points. While the tests do reveal that Tegra X1 possesses a lot of punch, Geekbench also displayed the multi-core result, which was disappointing to say the least.

The fact that Tegra X1 is able to raise the bar at such a stratum, it is a real heartbreaker for us when we saw the multi-core test manage just 4,691 points. In comparison, Exynos 7420 is able to score much higher; 4,970 points. Before we jump to conclusions, the important thing to note here is that NVIDIA originally rolled out Tegra X1 for its Android gaming console, meaning that it would have to downgrade the clock speeds and overall power draw of the SoC in order to provide more battery life to the user while incorporating it in to its upcoming tablet.

If this scenario is taken in to consideration, then NVIDIA made a much needed sacrifice. Other benchmarking tests have been summarized below:

  • GFXbench 3.0 Manhattan offscreen: 117 FPS
  • Tyrannosaurus offscreen: 206.9 FPS

According to the source, test production of Tegra X1 for the upcoming slate will commence during the fourth quarter of 2015. If everything does not go according to plan, the timeline could be pushed back to the first quarter of 2016. Regardless of the delay, it appears that we will be seeing NVIDIA’s Shield Tablet powered by Tegra X1 during some part of 2016.


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