A New Tank Sim ‘M4 Tank Brigade’ Makes it into Steam Early Access


There really aren't many actual tank simulators in existence on PC anymore. Flight simulators and even space simulators seem to be making quite the comeback, as are racing simulators, but not an actual down to the tracks, dirty, oily tank simulator. M4 Tank Brigade Classic hopes to fix that, and it just hit Early Access on Steam.

M4 Tank Brigade lets you be in tight control of WWII era tanks.

Admittedly there might not be much of a market outside of a niche following for these type of games, all hardcore simulators to be honest. This isn't for the faint of heart, and certainly won't have the stylized controls of World of Tanks. This is a true simulator, with all the great (and even frustrating) things that come with it. But now you can live out your dreams of being in the movie Fury with Brad Pitt.

M4 Tank Brigade lets you command multiple armored vehicles from the WWII era in real time, with combat that takes place on battlefields that spread over hundreds of square miles. Tank commanders control their own platoon (four tanks) and up to a full battlegroup of 20 vehicles total. All of that while coordinating both air and artillery support. In a split second, players can jump into any vehicle they control in order to stem the tide of battle.

If you ever played Steel Beasts, or are otherwise a tank or WWII fanatic, than this realistic representation of armored combat might be for you. The wonderful thing about extreme simulators such as this one is that though they require time and energy to learn and truly become good at, they can also be incredibly rewarding in the end.

Some of the key features you'll find in M4 Tank Brigade:

  • World War II armored combat simulation
  • Large, realistic 3D terrains
  • Play against thousands of tank enthusiasts
  • Command a platoon of armored vehicles and control four tanks at once
  • Jump between tanks to be part of the action
  • Use maneuver tactics to manage your tanks with a tactical map
  • Air power features and artillery barrage options
  • MMO combat for players who want to challenge others
  • M4 Tank Brigade is available on Steam Early Access. It can be purchased for $14.99 and runs on Windows PCs.

M4 Tank Brigade is available on Steam Early Access for $14.99.