How to Sync Desktop & Documents to iCloud – macOS Sierra Tips


Here's how to sync desktop and documents to iCloud in macOS Sierra. This is a great way of backing up important files.

macOS Sierra's Desktop & Documents iCloud Sync Feature is Extremely Handy

Storing documents in a safe location has become a real problem these days. Not only we forget to make backups on time, but we go the extra mile to top things off with our laziness. It seems as though Apple understood this problem and has expanded the horizon of iCloud by introducing a new 'Desktop & Documents' sync feature. What this essentially does is backup all your desktop and documents files to iCloud Drive, ready to be accessed from anywhere.

First and foremost, we will show you how to enable or disable the feature, then we will get to the most obvious downside.

Enable / Disable 'Desktop & Documents' Sync in macOS Sierra

1. Open System Preferences on your Mac.

2. Now click on 'iCloud.'

3. You'll see a bunch of options. Click on 'Options' next to the 'iCloud Drive' entry.

4. Now check the 'Desktop & Documents Folders' option. Or, uncheck it, if you want to turn the feature off.

From here on in macOS Sierra will backup everything that's sitting on your Desktop or Documents folder straight onto iCloud Drive. This means you can access those documents from an iCloud enabled device anywhere as well.

Now, since your Mac is backing up pretty much everything on iCloud Drive, this means you'll run out of space in a snap. Just keep in mind that the 5GB of free iCloud Drive space that comes as part of your account will not cut it in any way.

We highly recommend investing in more storage if you want to utilize this feature to the fullest. Apple recently launched a 2TB iCloud storage plan that will set you back $19.99 a month. And quite frankly that option should more than suffice for anyone. Until or unless they have multiple Mac computers at home. Only then things can hit a roadblock.

Wrap Up

If you have a fast Internet connection at home and can easily invest in more iCloud storage then we recommend turning on the above mentioned feature. I'm quite certain some of you out there will still manage to make things work on 5GB of cloud storage space, but for how long? Well, not long enough if you happen to drop a lot of your files straight onto the desktop, and nowhere else.

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