A Swiss TV Station Switched To iPhones Instead Of Traditional Cameras


Apple gathered quite a lot of hype for its 3D Touch display that debuted with the iPhone 6s. The 3D Touch has been the center of attention for iPhone users, parting it as the only visible change between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. However, Apple was keen to upgrade other departments of the iPhone as well, like the internal hardware enhancements and the bump up in camera optics. As much noise as the performance of iPhone 6s gathered, it's hard to focus on other aspects of the device.

However, a Swiss TV station has ditched traditional cameras for iPhones. Albeit, the Swiss TV station chose a radical approach to cut short on incurring costs, there are certain drawbacks to this as well. The report is derived from the French Le Temps, emphasizing that a Swiss TV station has decided to go with iPhone 6 cameras rather than conventional ones. Even though an iPhone with a higher camera sensor is available, the TV station opted for the iPhone 6 as a primary medium of shooting videos.

Let's see some more details on the report by Le Temps and what other accessories have been opted by the Swiss TV station alongside the iPhone 6.

Swiss TV Station Will Shoot With iPhone 6 On A Selfie Stick?

It is reported that the TV station will use iPhone 6, attached to a selfie stick. The station itself opted to go for the iPhones instead of traditional camera followed by their decision to cut budgets. However, the station also suggested that they will cut their budgets in a 'more responsive' manner. Here is what Le Temps said on the whole camera shift scenario:

A partnership with Swisscom, which provides the opportunity for the iPhone 6 and technology support needed, the experience is conceived as "a quest for lightness and responsiveness, but also a track to reduce the costs of newscast, "he adds. The transaction should thus costing a few thousand Swiss francs, which is not a detail for Leman Bleu and CHF 4 million budget.

The big break in terms of journalism has overlooked traditional ways to handle a camera. The Swiss news program, Léman Bleu will now broadcast using the iPhone 6 and a selfie stick. However, it is not the first time that a TV station switched to an iPhone. Previous occurrences include the TV station in U.S, which also tried to switch to the iPhone back in 2014. However, the attempt was cancelled due to video quality not meeting the required standards.

At this point in time, the idea seems exhilarating, but it may have certain drawbacks in the future, like sacrificing picture quality of traditional manhandled cameras. As for now, share your insights on the matter in the comments section below.