Swiftech Introduces New Maelstrom 5 ¼” Dual Bay Reservoir

Rouchon Industries, Inc. dba Swiftech announced today the release of the Maelstrom 5 ¼” Dual Bay Reservoir. The product is modular and can be configured to operate either as a standalone coolant reservoir or with one or two integrated Swiftech’s MCP35x class pumps, all fitting in a dual CD drive bay.

The primary design concepts for this product line were modularity and compatibility with the MCP35x class pumps and their related accessories for upgrade purposes. Continuing the company’s long established tradition, the Maelstrom also includes a host of monitoring and operational safety features which combined together form a unique offering in the industry, such as: coolant temperature display, graduated level, anti-vortex design, multiple inlet ports, extra-large fill-port, and UV LED; its robust and elegant construction features a solid black anodized aluminum face plate with large cutouts allowing easy visualization of the coolant status.

“When integrated with a single or dual MCP35X pump, the Maelstrom combines stunning looks with extreme performance features” said Gabriel Rouchon the company’s CEO “in this respect, I am equally proud of the fact that Swiftech is now the only company in the world to offer an integrated pump with each major component of a liquid cooling system: with a radiator, the MCR-Drive radiator series, with a CPU waterblock, the Apogee Drive II, and now –at last, with a 5 ¼" bay reservoir: the Maelstrom! This unique ability will soon allow us to release new generations of complete liquid cooling kits catering to just about any user preference or case setup. Clearly, users and system builders now have more choices than ever before to configure their liquid cooling systems, and this is great news for the industry.”

Five versions of the Maelstrom reservoir are available, including standalone, with single or dual built-in pump, and two upgrade configurations for users already owning compatible Swiftech pumps.

For more information, visit the product page.

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