Save As Much As $200 With Some Great Surface Pro 3 Deals Right Here

Contrary to all things Microsoft, the company's had quite a good time with its Surface Pro lineup. A good design, coupled with top tier notebook specifications and portability make Microsoft's hybrid slate a must have for anyone who love portability with some moderate performance requirements. And while the company is expected to launch the Surface Pro 4 this October, we've got some great deals for you on the Surface Pro 3 today.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Goes For Discount At Company's Website Today

So as we head into the back to school season, Microsoft seems quite eager to ship out as many Surface Pro 3 variants as it can. And true to the seasonal discounts that we witness every year, several Surface Pro 3 variants have started to go on discount. Lets start from the 12 inch, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB Intel Core i5 variant. You can order it from Microsoft at a price of $1,149 today, which will end up giving you a discount of $150.

sp3d2Looking for more power and higher storage? The 512 GB, Core i7, 12 inch Surface Pro 3 with 8 GB of RAM is also up for a discount of $150, leaving it with a final retail price tag of $1,799. However, if you'd rather just do with a simple Surface Pro 3, and are looking for a major discount from Microsoft, then take a look at the 4 GB RAM, 128 GB Core i5 Surface Pro 3, also shown in the first image of this post. Microsoft's giving a discount of $200 on this slate and it'll end up costing you $799.

And finally, ending with the 8 GB RAM, 256 GB Intel Core i7 Surface Pro 3, you can get that for $1,399 from Microsoft. With a Surface Pro 4 launch expected later next quarter, and the back to school season already having started, Microsoft seems eager to push out as many Surface Pro 3's as it can. So head over to the company's store right here and grab one for yourself. Cheers.

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