Looks Like Microsoft’s Surface Phone Could Release Much Sooner Than Expected


After the release of Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, looks like software giant Microsoft isn’t quite done releasing high-end Windows 10 powered handsets. The company is said to be launching its Surface Phone, but when will we see it?

Looks Like Microsoft’s Surface Phone Could Release Much Sooner Than Expected

Microsoft’s Surface Phone Expected To Be Released During Q1, 2016 – What Specifications Should We Expect?

It appears that Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Phone is not going to feature any chipset from Qualcomm, or MediaTek, meaning that we will not get to see Snapdragon 810, Snapdragon 820, or Helio X20 in action. However, rumor has been going around that Intel is going to step up its game and incorporate its x86 architecture chipset inside Surface Phone.

The phone is allegedly being called ‘Panos's Phone’. Panos Panay is Microsoft’s overseer of devices, and the official codename of the smartphone is ‘NorthStar’. Now why would Microsoft and Intel form a tag team in order to produce a Windows 10 powered smartphone running the latter’s processor. Well, turns out that not so long ago, we reported that there was a very small chance that the software giant would entertain the idea of being able to run Win32 applications on a smartphone.

Lumia 950 XL (3)

Since ARM SoCs cannot run x86 instructions, it obviously falls upon an x86 architecture compatible processor to be able to do the job without running into a boatload of problems. Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo said that it is highly possible that users will one day be able to run Win32 desktop apps on their mobile device. The only thing that they will have to work with is connecting the Windows 10 smartphone to a large monitor or screen via Continuum. According to Gallo, it is a very high possibility, which is why the company is looking into such a process.

Let us refresh your memory for a bit. Continuum, is a Windows 10 Mobile’s exclusive feature; this feature allows you to connect your Windows 10 phone, which can be done either wirelessly or via the Continuum Display Dock (sold separately), to a larger screen and just let it run like a PC. If Win32 desktop apps are actually able to become a reality by running like this, it would present a very long list of benefits. Let us hope that Microsoft finally starts taking things seriously with Windows 10 Mobile.

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As stated previously, Surface Phone is slated for a release during the first quarter of 2016. Let us hope that the leak turns out to be true because we are dying to find out how this particular handset is going to perform.