Surface Phone Project Still Not Dumped as Microsoft’s Country Head Reveals Some Details on the Device

Surface Phone Project Still Not Dumped as Microsoft’s Country Head Reveals Some Details on the Device

Rumors of the Surface Phone might seem like hot air to you guys because Microsoft has not even hinted about the existence or development of such a device.

A patent where it reveals a device can be folded into two and transformed into a notebook-like machine does not appear to be the Surface Phone, but here is someone that might have an idea as to what is going with the gadget.

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President for Microsoft India Might Have Provided a Minute Amount of Info About the Surface Phone Thanks to the Latest Interview

Anant Maheshwari is the President for Microsoft India and Digit got an opportunity to sit down with the individual and ask him about the rumors surrounding the Surface Phone. For Anant, it would have been a matter of words where he could have just said that Microsoft is not making anything that rumors are calling the Surface Phone, but he did not.

Instead, if you check out a small bit of the interview given below, our readers might get the impression that there is some level of development going on at Redmond’s HQ.

Digit: What is the last word from Microsoft on making smartphones? We keep hearing rumors of a Surface Phone. Is there one in the works?

Anant: I think given the world that we live in, we should never be talking about last words.

Digit: So are there any new words you would like to share with us?

Anant: I would say in the form-factors we are currently really focused on, clearly the Surface line of products which has Surface Hub, the Surface Studio, the Surface Book and the Surface Pros, we have a lot of capabilities across those devices, and we are continuing the focus on those form-factors. As far as mobiles are concerned, we are working with all the major OEMs and OS players to create new applications and experiences. We want people to be able to access all Microsoft apps and services on the mobile form factor also.”

Obviously, Anant would only know part of the story, whereas rest of the information would have been hidden by Panos Panay, who will refuse to divulge information that is even remotely connected to the Surface Phone.

Does this interview get you excited about a potential product down the road?

News Source: Digit

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