What is the Future of Surface Phone Now That Microsoft Is No Longer Supporting Windows Phone?

What is the Future of Surface Phone Now That Microsoft Is No Longer Supporting Windows Phone?

After Microsoft finally admitted that Windows Phone is no longer going to be supported with new features and updates, it begs the question on the ‘confirmed’ Surface Phone. Even after the company’s executive has said that it is not going to be backing out of the Surface hardware business, there has not been any mention of the rumored Surface Phone so does that mean the death of Windows Phone has brought about the death of the Surface Phone alongside it?

Satya Nadella Revealed That Microsoft Will Be Making Phones, but They Will Not Look Anything Like Modern-Day Smartphones Look

Back in May, CEO Satya Nadella stated that Microsoft is committed to making phones, but added that the phones the company will be working on will not look like anything of today’s generation. Well, Nadella could not have predicted that phones will have reduced bezels but that’s besides the point.

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This provides somewhat of a foreshadowing that the CEO might be looking work on a whole new product in mind and not providing support for Windows Phone could mean the company might have shifted its mobile division to work on a completely new platform from scratch. I understand that this is wishful thinking but remember, countless rumors were fluttering around suggesting that the Surface Phone will have several models, with one of them being catered for enterprise users.

We cannot tell with complete certainty what the new operating system (if there is any) will look like from Windows 10 Mobile but an aesthetic blend of desktop and mobile apps might do the trick for the Surface Phone. Believe it or not, the weight of the ‘Surface’ brand name also carries a ton of significance because when you think of a 2-in-1, the majority of you will eventually land on a Surface Pro, irrespective of whether you complain about its price tag and refuse to buy one or not.

We still believe that the Surface Phone will be geared up for a launch in the future, but with Windows Phone receiving no new updates and features from hereon, starting an operating system from the beginning is going to be an uphill battle.

Do you think the dream of seeing a Surface Phone still stands in 2017? Tell us down in the comments.

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