Microsoft Teases Fans With Surface Book 2 Hinge Image


This is probably the first time I’ve seen Microsoft tease something on Instagram and would you know it, the upcoming Surface Book 2 has been show in the image. This could mean that we’ll be looking at a much earlier release date, unless of course Microsoft does not end up delaying its next flagship 2-in-1.

Surface Book 2 Teaser Image Shows a Backlit Keyboard With a Smaller Key Travel, Revealing a Thinner Form Factor

According to the teaser, Surface Book 2 is going to have a thinner form factor compared to its predecessor, along with a backlit keyboard, which is always useful in varied lighting conditions. While the notebook from this angle looks to be extremely thin, the keys present on it show that they will be able to travel a fair amount of distance, which is something that I personally prefer since it deliver a nice tactile feedback, and in some way, it also aids in speeding up the typing process, according to my experience.

As for the hardware that’s going to power up the notebook, Intel’s Kaby Lake series of mobile i5 and i7 processor lineup is most likely going to be a part of the configuration. We currently do not know which GPU is going to be present and with NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX series out, it won’t be long till we hear severe graphical improvements from Surface Book 2. In addition to this, the iGPU present in Intel’s Kaby Lake processors will definitely provide a nice little performance boost as opposed to the company’s Skylake processors.

One of the highlights of Surface Book 2 will be in the resolution department and since its predecessor came with a 3000 x 2000 resolution, we expect that a 4K display will be a part of the upcoming notebook. We understand that this will stress the processor and GPU, but the improved architecture and performance boost will definitely come in handy in terms of efficiency for getting the most out of the notebook in terms of battery life, and perhaps this time, you might actually be able to enjoy AAA game titles with their video settings cranked up.

With Type-C USB ports slowly getting popular, Surface Book 2 will definitely feature one of these, but we have no information as to how many ports will be included. If a Type-C USB port is present, we expect that the underlying technology is USB 3.1 to increase the rate at which data is being transferred. If you’re going to be paying a lot of money for the upcoming Surface Book 2, then you might as well get the best of everything from it right?

What impressions have you conjured up inside your head in regards to the latest teaser? Tell us your thoughts right away.