Surface Book 2 Rumored To Launch In June Boasting Top-Tier Specifications

Surface Book 2 Rumored To Launch In June Boasting Top-Tier Specifications

Surface Book might have been on the expensive side, but Microsoft showed the world that it could easily produce one killer notebook that also pulled of as a productivity slate. Now, 2016 will provide the introduction of Surface Book 2, and the latest rumor suggests that the upcoming notebook is going to be released in June, with impressive hardware as well.

Surface Book 2 Rumored To Feature A 4K Display And A Type-C USB Port

Intel’s Kaby Lake series of mobile i5 and i7 processor lineup is most likely going to be a part of the configuration present inside Surface Book 2. We currently do not know which GPU is going to be part of the configuration, but with NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX series out, it won’t be long till we hear severe graphical improvements from Surface Book 2. In addition to this, the iGPU present in Intel’s Kaby Lake processors will definitely provide a nice little performance boost as opposed to the company’s Skylake processors.

Surface Book 2

One of the highlights of Surface Book 2 will be in the resolution department and since its predecessor came with a 3000 x 2000 resolution, we expect that a 4K display will be a part of the upcoming notebook. We understand that this will stress the processor and GPU, but the improved architecture and performance boost will definitely come in handy in terms of efficiency for getting the most out of the notebook in terms of battery life, and perhaps this time, you might actually be able to enjoy AAA game titles with their video settings cranked up.

With Type-C USB ports slowly getting popular, Surface Book 2 will definitely feature one of these, but we have no information as to how many ports will be included. Having more than one port will definitely be a plus since you can use one port to charge the machine, while the other port will ramp up data transfer speeds. There are no pricing details revolving around Surface Book 2, but looking at Microsoft’s business model, we have surety that the upcoming aesthetic wonder is definitely going to be out of budget for a major consumer base, which will obviously prompt other manufacturers to roll out their versions of a notebook that will take on Surface Book 2.

Surface Book 3

We will update you on all fronts regarding the upcoming hybrid, so let us see what the month of June holds in store for us.


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