The Going Just Got Better With Super Fast (eMMC 5.1) Storage On Galaxy S6


The Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to be one impressive phone indeed with the amount of rumors, speculations and leaks surrounding the device. The Korean manufacturer has just gone ahead and announced what it claims to be the world's first memory chips based on the eMMc 5.1 standard.

samsung-announces-first-8gb-ddr4-memory-chip-to-boost-performance-in-future-smartphones-and-laptopsSamsung Launches Superfast eMMC 5.1 Based Flash Storage Chips

The Korean chipmaker makes some impressive claims about performance statistics on its latest flash memory storage. According to the press release, the new chips will be able to achieve data transfer speeds of up to 250 MB/s for data writes and 125 MB/s for reads. The modules have been launched in three capacities, that are 64, 32 and 16 GB. Whats more interesting about today's launch is its timing. Given the much anticipated launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 this March, could it be that the Korean manufacturer has also chosen to equip its flagship smartphone with the latest in flash memory storage?

Given the storage sizes of today's chips, eMMC 5.1 can only end up seeing a limited appearance on the Galaxy S6, as the Korean giant is highly unlikely to make 64 GB the maximum storage option available on its devices. The 64 GB module also boasts up to 11,000 - 13,000 input/output operations per second. These are seven and 26 times faster than typical external micro SD cards, according to Samsung. The eMMC 5.1 chips launched today also come with command queuing on board, which can be said to be a major upgrades from previous chips in the same category. Command queuing allows commands to arrange in queues rather than wait for execution individually. Its been present in PC drives for quite a while and sees its appearance on mobile storage solutions for the first time today. A superior flash storage module on the Galaxy S6 will complete the package. We'll learn more when the flagships are launched by Samsung in March.