Sunset Overdrive On PS4 Could Have Had Advantages, But MS Did Things Really Well, Says Game Director


Releasing Xbox One title 'Sunset Overdrive' on the PS4 could have had some advantages, says Insomniac's game director Drew Murray. According to Murray though, Microsoft's support behind the game has been incredible.

Murray stated this on Twitter, after I asked him whether he thought Sunset Overdrive would have sold well, if released on the PS4.

Sunset Overdrive is a crazy third-person shooter developed by Ratchet & Clank developer, Insomniac Games. The studio has been mainly creating games for the Playstation since it was founded back in 1994. Insomniac is responsible for some highly acclaimed gaming series, including Spyro the Dragon, Resistance and of course, Ratchet & Clank.

Insomniac Games wanted to maintain the Sunset IP

Following the development of Resistance 3, Insomniac began development on a project that would later be called 'Sunset Overdrive'. Unlike their previous projects, Insomniac wanted to maintain the rights to Sunset Overdrive and a deal with made with Microsoft Studios. Microsoft allowed Insomniac to maintain the rights to their IP, while publishing the game for the Xbox One exclusively.

While the game has received high ratings, sales haven't been what was expected. I guess the chaotic and jovial art style didn’t appeal to the masses. Since the game's release back in October of 2014, Insomniac has released several DLC packs for the game. At the moment of writing, however, the developer has no plans to release new content for the game.

Microsoft did some really well with Sunset Overdrive, but a PS4 release might have had some advantages

I took to Twitter to ask the game's director about his thoughts if the game would have released on the PS4, and whether he thought it would have sold well. Murray replied that, although he can't really tell if the game would have sold well on the PS4, he can imagine some advantages of releasing  the game on the PS4. Microsoft's support behind the title has been amazing however and Murray adds that Microsoft has done things REALLY well.

The game director continued by stating that Microsoft's user research labs are incredible, and the marketing that Microsoft did for Sunset Overdrive was NUTS (in a very good way).

What are your thoughts if Sunset Overdrive would have been developed for the PS4? How would it have performed, considering the larger user base? Leave your thoughts below.