Microsoft CEO: Gaming Business Is More Than 9 Billion Dollars; “Strong Start” for Xbox Game Pass and Mixer


Beyond the challenges that Xbox has experienced especially with the sales performance of the family console of Xbox One, the overall picture of the brand is exceptionally positive. Recently, Microsoft's most senior executives held a conference on the company's financial report and reported that the Xbox brand is performing well and continues to grow.

Today Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, mentioned in the financial report that the Xbox brand has positioned itself in a very good way worldwide in different areas and has been able to take advantage of great opportunities presented thanks to the expansion of the video game industry. In that sense, Nadella has stated:

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Our gaming business now is more than nine billion dollars and growing profitably. The gaming world is growing faster than ever before from gameplay across multiple devices, to the explosive growth in streaming and esports, to new subscription services and mixed reality scenarios.

We’re uniquely positioned to capture a large share of this opportunity because of our ability to unite the global community of gamers through Xbox Live – now 53 million-strong, and growing – and to enable new experiences across PC, consoles and mobile.

At the same time, the CEO of Microsoft has announced that with the forthcoming launch of the Xbox One X, Microsoft intends to expand the options for its user base to meet the central objective of the company's video game division, which is to make players enjoy the games they want, with the people they want and on the devices they want.

Finally, Satya Nadella revealed that the new services of the Xbox brand, Xbox Game Pass and Mixer have had a great start and have enjoyed good reception by players.

We launched two new services to broaden our reach and enrich our gaming experience, both of which are off to a very strong start. Mixer, a new livestreaming service makes it easier than ever before for gamers to create and share across platforms, and to interact in entirely new ways. The Xbox Game Pass is a digital subscription service that expands our existing gaming value proposition.

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