How To Straighten Photos Using Instagram On iPhone

So there you are, sitting inside your favorite ice cream place, and you're about to show off your lovely edible investment to the rest of the world using the might and magic of Instagram. But sadly enough, you can't take a straight shot no matter how hard you try.


Rather than taking the shot over and over again till you get it just right, did you know that Instagram can straighten up a photo for you? The option has existed for a long, long time and we'll show you how you can access it, and of course, use it.

Straighten Photos In Instagram

1. As you might've guessed already, launch the Instagram app.

2. Tap on the 'camera' button in the bottom center of the display.

3. Take a photo. Make sure you tilt it slightly intentionally so you can see for yourself how the straightening feature works.


4. On the image editing page, tap on the 'wrench' icon.

5. Now tap on 'Adjust.'


You'll notice that Instagram will straighten your photo instantly. A pretty cool feature isn't it? But that's not all, if you're still not satisfied with the results, simply drag the angle meter around to tilt the photo even further.


it's little features like these that either make or break an app, and it's great to see that Instagram is looking into the tiny details to make sure that users end up uploading the best shot ever every single time they launch the app. And why wouldn't it, after all, Instagram's sole focus is on photos, hence this feature makes perfect sense to be there for users. We'll give Instagram a big shoutout for this feature alone!

With million of users already on Instagram, the social network is expanding like wildfire with every passing day. While many have tried to replicate what Instagram offers, including its amazing set of filter sets, but none have managed to achieve the simplicity and core functionality of what the Facebook owned company offers to its user base. It's rather stunning how an idea so simple can garner so much interest from such a wide audience.

We're truly living in the digital world, folks.

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