Stop iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode from Eating up Space on Your Device


Is Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus devouring your storage space? Here's how you can prevent that from happening.

Turn off One Option to Save a Ton of Space on Your iPhone 7 Plus

Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus is a wonderful way of taking shots as it adds a beautiful depth-of-field effect behind the subject you are snapping a photo of. All of this is possible on the software end of the equation since such a thing requires one to have a huge lens with a wide aperture. That's just not possible on a mobile device as it will add extra weight to proceedings.

While the feature is great to have, but it can gobble up space on your iPhone 7 Plus if you leave one particular feature turned on. We will show you which one and why you should turn it off.


1. On your iPhone 7 Plus, open the Settings app.

2. Scroll down and tap on Photos & Camera.

3. Now scroll all the way down and turn off the Keep Normal Photo option under the Portrait Mode section.

Turning off this option will no longer save a normal copy of the photo you have snapped using your iPhone's camera in Portrait Mode. In the end you'll be left with just one copy of the photo, that too with depth-of-field effect in the background. And since iOS is saving just one copy, therefore you'll save half as much space. Pretty brilliant isn't it?

Apart from saving space, turning off this feature will also ensure that your photo library looks absolutely clean. A barrage of duplicate photos lying around is not everyone's cup of tea, not even mine. Until or unless you have good reason for storing a copy.

Wrap Up

iPhone 7 Plus' Portrait Mode is exclusive to iOS 10.1. At the time of writing, the software is currently sitting on top of the third beta build with the public release bound for arrival in a few weeks' time. Whenever it is released though, we will inform our readers about it, so stay tuned to our coverage.

Meanwhile, if you have iOS 10.1 Beta installed, we suggest turning the above feature off, especially if you have a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus. Despite a considerable bump from last year's base storage of 16GB, it's surprising how quickly one can fill up storage space. Switching off the Keep Normal Photo option helps a lot. So please, give it a shot.

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