Stardock CEO Compares DirectX 12 to Mantle API – Comments on Spencer’s Claim About DX 12 and Xbox One

The next big contribution to the gaming industry by Microsoft after the Xbox One will undoubtedly be the upcoming newer version of its famous and well-known application programming interface called DirectX, which is used to handle tasks related to video game programming and graphics. The upcoming DirectX 12 is not only considered of prime importance for PC gaming, but it has also been boasted as the game changer for Xbox One console. Once again, Stardock CEO decided to open his thoughts on the DirectX 12 topic in reply to his fans after Xbox boss made a bold statement about DirectX 12 implementation on the Xbox One.

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Stardock CEO Says Mantle is Higher Performance but DirectX 12 is Slightly Safer - Comments on Spencer's DX 12 and Xbox One Claim

In all the fuss about the DirectX 12 and Xbox One performance boost, Phil Spencer, the boss at Xbox, felt the need to express his thoughts on the topic and clear out some things regarding the claims about DirectX 12 being a game changer for the Xbox One. Pouring out some realistic estimation of what can be expected from the upcoming low-level gaming API for the company's console, Spencer stated on twitter that the Xbox One will definitely bring more power to the developers, but it will not be a "massive change" for the console.

Spencer's this bold statement surprised the fans and critics and created quite a stir in the online gaming community and discussion forums. Fans were quite taken aback after Spencer issued this statement as the upcoming DirectX 12 is boasted as a game changer for the Xbox One that will set the console straight against is competitor known as the PlayStation 4. A few industry officials also jumped into the debate by answering the questions asked by their fans.

Brad Wardell, CEO and founder of Stardock Corporation, is the man who claimed that DirectX 12 will act as a lucky charm for the Xbox One console and will boost its performance to new heights. Now after Spencer's statement, console's fans took it to Twitter and asked Wardell to share his thoughts and views on this topic. Clarifying whether DirectX 12 won't be a massive change in development or performance, Wardell stated: "Development is basically the same."

Following Wardell's reply, a few fans started a small debate like thing arguing that Spencer meant "development" when he made the recent claim. One fan turned the conversation towards AMD's Mantle API saying: "I think he meant development. But also DX12 is doing some things that Mantle is doing." Wardell said in reply to this tweet: "My general impression is that Mantle is higher perf but DX12 is slightly "safer"."

The fan, known as Digital Syrup on Twitter, further tweeted to Wardell saying: "The API frees up the CPU and allows the application/game to speak to the GPU. Less dealing with drivers and OS." Wardell simply clarified by saying: "It's less API and more implementation. I wish the people arguing this topic were more technical. It's pretty simple."

In his last tweet, Digital Syrup talked about a "good summary" of DirectX 12 saying: "DX12 will enable more visual richness by decreasing CPU overhead." Wardell detailed his query stating: "Good summary. If my game can have multiple threads talk to the GPU and get jobs going in parallel my game is faster."

What do you make of Phil Spencer's statement about DirectX 12 not being a massive change for the Xbox One and Wardell's replies to his fans? Let us know in the comments section below.


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