StarCraft II: Heart of Swarm Listed for Pre-Order at Amazon for $39.99

The Sequel and Expansion pack to Blizzard's RTS masterpiece Starcraft 2 "Heart of Swarm" is now available for Pre-order at Amazon for a price of $39.99 - Link.

Revealed at BlizzCon last year, The story of Heart of Swarm would revolve around Sarah Kerrigan who would be the protagonist and the Zerg. The expansion would feature tons of new changes, maps, units which we detailed in our earlier post here. A total of 20 new missions would commence on the Zerg homeland, The units would also be playable in Multiplayer mode.

Later this year, Blizzard would also announce the third and final expansion to the series called Legacy of the Void which would focus on Protoss. The show up of pre-orders can suggest that the expansion would be announced sooner then expected. You can check out screenshots of the game here.

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