Star Wars Battlefront PC Heroes FPS Bug May Not Be Fixed Completely By Next Patch, Future Changes Outlined


Shortly before the release of the Death Star DLC, Star Wars Battlefront will receive a new patch which will also introduce a variety of fixes and tweaks, as well as support for the DLC pack. Full patch notes have yet to be revealed, but we have recently managed to learn more about what's coming in this patch and in future ones thanks to members of the team.

DICE's Dennis Brännvall has recently been asked about a critical issue currently plaguing the PC version of the game. Brännvall confirmed that the team has done work to increase frame rate for multiple heroes but the issue may not be completely fixed by the next patch, which is definitely disappointing for those playiing this specific version of the game.

As already mentioned, we have also managed to learn more about what will be coming to Star Wars Battlefront in the future. According to Christian Johannesèn, blasters from Star Wars Rebels such as the DL-18, T7 Ion Disruptor and Bo-Rifle will be coming to the game soon. He also confirmed that the Stinger Pistol will be enhanced at a later time.

One hero that will be tweaked in future patches is Lando, who has been introduced in a previous DLC pack. According to Guillaume Mroz, he will be nerfed.

On a related note, more details regarding the Death Star DLC have also been made available recently on the game's official website. Some new footage also managed to emerge online ahead of the promised trailer, and you can check it out right below.

Star Wars Battlefront is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions. The Death Star DLC will be released this month on all formats.