Star Wars Battlefront II Hero Designer Comments On Hero AI, Lightsaber Combat And More

Francesco De Meo

Next week, players all over the world will finally be able to try out Star Wars Battlefront II thanks to an open beta, and many are wondering about some of the improvements that will be included in the game. A few hours ago, the game's Hero Designer Guillaume Mroz shed some light on some of these improvements.

The Star Wars Battlefront II Hero Designer has been recently asked on Twitter about Hero AI and if it will make its way into Skirmish and Arcade modes. The team is currently investigating ways to do so, as implementing it is fairly difficult without resulting into some weird situations

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Guillaume Mroz also talked about Lightsaber Combat, noting how it's much better than in the first game.

Mrzo also talked about skins unlock, noting how the team is looking into many options, with the live environment allowing the team to try out some fun stuff.

Among the many new features included in Star Wars Battlefront II will be a new anti-quitter system which actually rewards players for staying until the end of the match.

Star Wars Battlefront II launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 17th. If you're planning to get the game on PC, make sure to check out the game's system requirements.

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