Star Citizen Social Module ‘v.0’ Looking Great, Releasing Sometime This Month

Perhaps this isn't quite the announcement that you've been waiting for, but while it isn't Star Marine, the social module for Star Citizen is due for release sometime this month.

Star Citizen
Star Citizen


Welcome to Arc Corps, have some coffee, stay awhile.

Heralded as the first step outside of the hanger and into the greater world in Star Citizen, you'll be able to walk around Arc Corp, the environment that your hanger currently resides in. This is a much better representation of why they chose to use CryEngine to begin with. It's also used as a way to show their vision for what they want to accomplish with planet side environments.

In this, you'll be able to interact with other players, NPC's and do all of the things that you'd expect. Chat, initiate some interesting emoticons and generally just goof around. Though this is V 0.0, in the future you'll be able to customize your clothes, and even put on an FPS loadout and walk around with your weapon out.

They showed off an incredibly giant area that you can explore, walking around a very nicely modeled main plaza with several other people. They also demoed the use of the in-game Augmented Reality to see different information regarding the people and the shops you can explore.

A tremendous amount of the map that they showed was able to be explored. They even took us down a back alley where Chris Roberts told us that it might even be possible to be mugged in the more shady and not patrolled areas.

There are several areas that Chris Roberts showed off in his demo, all with a distinctly different vibe than the next, each with very well detailed and with a great sense of being in the universe.

  • Cubby Blast, the weapons store. Here you can buy personal weapons, though at the moment that isn't possible due to the backend database not being set up currently.
  •  A medical unit. Where you can recover from having been blown up in space, or where you can buy various medical supplies for the FPS module.
  • Arc Corp Job Well, which is a the official mission board that you can use to peruse what types of jobs are available within the universe. A placement agency of sorts.
  • G-Loc, the bar, a hive of scum and villainy from all around the verse. Come in and dance, drink, or just enjoy the company of others.
  • Astro Armada, a high-end ship dealership, that has a distinct car dealership look to it.
  • Dumper Depot, a place to buy ship items, repair your ship and also trade goods.

It might not be Star Marine, but it's certainly a showcase of all the hard work being put into the overall game. It's an important module nonetheless, and also makes use of the splendid artwork and modeling work they've done. That and it could prove to be an interesting time in and of itself.

The social module will be released sometime later this month and will be available to all backers of Star Citizen.


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