SpyParty Launching April 12th on Steam Early Access

Alessio Palumbo

SpyParty, the indie competitive espionage game by Chris Hecker, will finally launch on Steam Early Access on April 12th. For this release, a new tutorial has been prepared in order to ease players into the mechanics and a replay will allow more thorough spies to figure out what exactly went wrong the last time. The Steam Early Access release also comes with a skill-based matchmaking system, whereas up until now players had to manually invite each other to a session.

Furthermore, six new venues have been added to the game by the developer.

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SpyParty is a competitive espionage game about human behavior, performance, perception, and deception. While most spy games have you machine-gunning stuff, blowing things up, and driving fast, SpyParty has you hide in plain sight, blend into a high-society cocktail party, deceive your opponent, and detect subtle behavioral tells to achieve your objectives and not get shot. Finally you can be like the suave and confident spies you find in films or books, risking it all by doing the final mission right in front of the sniper as the clock runs out! There are plenty of games that explore being a super-powered commando with an infinite supply of ammunition and no brains; SpyParty is a new and quite different game about the more interesting, deeper, and more subtle aspects of being a spy.

The current main gameplay mode is 1v1 Spy versus Sniper online multiplayer, although there is limited single-player Sniper play right now, and a single player Spy and Sniper practice mode for trying out missions and whatnot.

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