Sprint And T Mobile Are Offering Free LG G4s For Everyone


LG launched the G4 last month, with the device coming as a mixture of both performance and multimedia. While the company chose to sacrifice top performance specifications for better stability in the form of the Snadpdragon 808, the device came with other features to more than compensate for this difference. Camera specifications and display features for the device are more than enough for users not requiring a performance punch from their devices. Well, looks like the G4 will be coming with an equally attractive price tag as well.

lg g4 benchmarkCarriers Promote LG's G4 Flagship With Price Discounts And Other Promotions

Looks like people in more than one quarter have been taken away with LG's G4 launch. While the device's unique features managed to help it gain several fans in the market, carrier enthusiasm for the device means ties between LG, Spring and T Mobile go deeper than evident. Both the carriers have somewhat similar plans that promise free devices for users. Sprint's promising 8 free LG G4s to users who'll enter a competition posted on the carrier's website, so if you're looking to score a free LG G4 these days, make sure to give the carrier a shot.

T-Mobile on the other hand seems to have even bigger plans, with the carrier planning to give one free LG G4 every day for 28 days. That's 4 weeks and 28 free LG G4s for you to win. The carrier will also be taking the LG G4 for a tour in 14 states, coupled with free giveaways. Looks like LG really wants the G4 to be successful with carriers looking to aggressively promote the device. But good news for all fans anyways, you might end up being one of the lucky ones and win a LG G4 for yourself. Sound interesting? Let us know what you think in the comments section and we'll keep you updated.