Get The Spiel Bluetooth Speaker System At 44% Discount And Maximize Your Entertainment Experience – Limited Time Offer

Spiel Bluetooth Speaker System

Getting a good speaker system is essential to any sort of entertainment session. Whether you are gaming, watching movies, listening to music etc. you can never enjoy unless and until the speaker system is on point. Wccftech is providing an amazing offer on the Spiel Bluetooth Speaker System. The deal will be available for a limited time offer, so if you want to maximize your entertainment, you should invest now! Convinced yet? Or do you wish to hear some more about this awesome deal?

Spiel Bluetooth Speaker System features

This speaker system is the Bluetooth speaker destined to break boundaries. It is a 3-piece desktop speaker set and has Bluetooth connectivity features. It will set you up with an awesome surround sound experience that will set you up for any entertainment you desire. All you have to do is pair your device and then you can enjoy an audio output of up to 100W. With this BT system you will be able to enjoy everything at its optimal audio performance. Here are highlights of what the Spiel Bluetooth Speaker System has to offer:

  •  Contemporary, fresh and relaxed design is the perfect fit for any space
  •  Extremely high performance on low-frequency sounds for an incredible media experience
  •  Central speaker has a 4" woofer made of ultra-durable, lightweight cane lignin fiber for optimal performance
  •  Each satellite has a 2.5" mid-range made of lignin cane fiber
  •  3.5mm audio jack lets you plug into a home entertainment system
  •  Remote control lets you adjust volume or change track from anywhere

Details and Requirements

Here are some details that you would want to know about the device before you purchase it

  •  Bluetooth 2.1
  • Material: wooden box HDAA™
  •  Power output: 20W RMS (10W + 5W x 2)
  •  Frequency response: 60Hz - 20kHz
  •  Distortion: <0.1% - 1W • S/N: 50dB • Separation: >45dB
  •  Woofer size: 4"
  •  Woofer impedance/power: 4 Ω 15W
  •  Mid-range size: 2.5"
  •  Mid-range impedance/power: 4 Ω 5W

It is compatible with Bluetooth-compatible devices and a 3.5mm stereo input. It also includes a central speaker, 2 satellite speakers, a remote control, 3.5mm audio cable and a wall adapter.

Original Spiel Bluetooth Speaker System Price: $99.99
Wccftech Discount Spiel Bluetooth Speaker System Price: $55

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