Spencer: Phantom Dust Might Launch Before E3; Mech Assault Could Make A Comeback


Head of Xbox division Phil Spencer opened up in the past couple hours on a series of topics via Twitter. To begin with, he said that Microsoft is aiming to get the Phantom Dust remaster out before E3 2017 (though that could just mean a beta, rather than a full-fledged release).

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When asked if MechAssault will ever make a comeback on new systems, he said that it's likely since the world of MechAssault is just too big to miss that opportunity. This should make more than a few mech fans happy.

Going back to the games scheduled to hit Windows 10 and Xbox One in 2017, Sea of Thieves is certainly one of the most anticipated. Spencer confirmed he's having a lot of fun with it, notwithstanding the fact that the game should be even more fun when more people are invited into the beta. By the way, Rare today announced that they're sending out five thousand additional invitations via e-mail for this weekend's test, so keep your eyes on your inbox in case you applied for the Technical Alpha.

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Xbox One users waiting for the Creators Update to hit their platform should sit tight, as that's apparently coming soon.

Would you like to see a successor of MechAssault, which launched for Xbox in 2002? While you wait for that, you should know that Harebrained Schemes will release BattleTech for PC later this year, though it is a turn-based strategy game rather than an action focused title like MechAssault.