Spencer: Our Games Line-Up This Year Had an Incredible Reception from Gamers Everywhere

Microsoft hosted an Xbox Fanfest event in Mexico City last week, with all the main executives (Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, Head of Marketing Aaron Greenberg and Major Nelson/Larry Hryb) appearing on stage during the briefing. The recording is now available here, in case you're interested.

During the briefing, Phil Spencer spent some praise about the Xbox 2016 line-up of games.

At Xbox, our vision is very clear: we put the gamer at the center of every decision we make. When we think about our service, we think about our games, we think about our hardware, it is you playing your games that is driving the passion of team Xbox. With Xbox Live we've been investing to create the fastest, most reliable online gaming network anywhere, with new features like clubs, looking for groups, Xbox Arena; all of that to make your gaming experience even better.

But why do we buy our game consoles? To play great games. And our games line-up this year has had an incredible reception from gamers everywhere, from ReCore to Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3.

Our commitment to continue to deliver the best exclusives we can possibly bring to your gaming experience is why your investment in Xbox is something that will continue to pay off.

We've reviewed all three exclusive games published by Microsoft in the past two months (ReCore, Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4) and rated them highly. The last one due this year is Capcom's Dead Rising 4, launch on December 6th worldwide for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One; then there's Halo Wars 2, scheduled to be available on both platforms in February 2017.

After the briefing, Aaron Greenberg talked with Larry Hryb on the live stream about the ever-present Xbox Scorpio saying that it's all about bringing the true 4K experience to console in the living room.

It will really bring the most powerful console you've ever seen. It will bring these really true 4K, really incredible visual games that we've never seen before on the console. People who have spent thousands of dollars on a high-end PC are getting that experience. How do we bring that to scale in a console in your living room? That's a big part of what Project Scorpio is about.

Of course, there are developers who don't even think 4K is worth the resource cost such as DOOM's Lead Renderer Programmer Tiago Sousa. What do you think about that? Tell us in the comments.

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