Spencer Fully Expects Another Xbox Console From Microsoft; Halo To Be Critical For Windows 10


The Verge just published a massive interview with Microsoft's gaming team and there are some very interesting tidbits to be found there.

First of all, any worry of Xbox becoming a mere brand or "app" instead of a proper console in the future should be put rest, as Phil Spencer uttered the following words:

No, I fully expect that you’ll see another console from us […] Our best customers are Xbox console customers, and I want to keep those people engaged both on the Xbox One and anything we might do in the future. I’m 100 percent committed to that.

I don’t want to dilute what the Xbox console customer feels. I want to expand what we’re able to do for more customers. I love that console experience. It’s obviously the core of what Xbox is about, and Xbox One is our most important gaming device inside the company. There’s no doubt about that.

At the same time, Spencer has been vocal about trying to reach all kinds of gamers on Microsoft devices, including WIndows.

We also know there are millions and millions of gamers who access Microsoft [in other ways,] whether it’s Windows, their phone, Skype — it could be many different things every day.

As head of gaming inside of Microsoft, I think about how we make sure that all of those customers feel as supported and engaged as the Xbox fans do who own a game console.

It sounds like Microsoft might do more with the Halo franchise on Windows 10, according to Head of 343 Industries Bonnie Ross.

It’s being deliberate. So yes. We will, of course, play a critical role [on Windows 10], as I think that we’re an important IP for the company. It’s doing the right thing at the right time.

There were the Halo Spartan Strike/Halo Spartan Assault games, of course, but there's also Halo Wars 2 scheduled for PC & Xbox One in late 2016, with cross-play enabled. Hopefully, though, Microsoft will start bringing even mainline Halo entries if the franchise really is to play a critical role on Windows 10.