Need For Speed Update Introduces Drag Racing, Hot Rods & More; Out Due Tomorrow


Ghost Games will release a Need for Speed update tomorrow which adds Hot Rods to the game, a Drag Racing mode, more garage space and more.

Need for Speed Update

Developer Ghost Games detailed the upcoming Need for Speed update on their official website. The update is scheduled to be released tomorrow.

As said, the update will introduce new cars to the Need for Speed reboot. Players won’t need to worry about garage space, as Ghost Games will be upgrading the garage to make room for 5 additional cars.

New Cars: Hot Rods
Arriving fresh into Need for Speed are two brand new Hot Rods. Starting with the 1932 Hot Rod which will come with four unique Bodykits. Each of these bodykits has the potential to transform your Hot Rod into a great new look; Soft Top, Coupe, Sedan and Pickup.

Each version of the Hot Rod also comes complete with a full set of customization, including Hood, Lights, Grille, Exhausts, Bumpers and more.

The second Hot Rod being added into Need for Speed is the Aaron Beck ‘BeckKustoms F132’. This is an absolute monster of a ride and defines the word ‘custom’. When you take the shell from a Ford 1932, gently massage it into a fierce Formula One style chassis and strap in a high performance NASCAR engine, this is what you get.


Furthermore, Ghost Games will be adding a manual transmission option to the game.

Additionally, the update introduces a new game mode alongside the new Hot Rods – DragRacing.

Inspired by the Drag Events of previous NFS titles, these new events are the perfect place for you to get your speed fix.

Unleash a burnout on the starting line to prime your wheels, align in the start box and time your revs perfectly. Think wisely about the use of nitrous, as it may just influence the outcome of the event.

There will be five new Drag events for you to take part in; Neck to Neck, The Perfect Shifts, Drag the Town, Pedal to the Metal and Speed Tunnel.

The full patch notes for the upcoming update can be found here. Need for Speed is out now for PS4, and Xbox One.