Spark Email Client Arrives on macOS

Uzair Ghani

The much-awaited Spark email client by Readdle launches on Mac today. Like its iOS counterpart, it's free.

Spark Brings its Powerful Email Feature Set to the Mac

There are a handful of email clients available for the Mac, but only a few of them get the job done. Luckily though, on iOS, things are a little different. The choice at hand is pretty vast and makes you wish the very same app was available on macOS as well to use. Say no more though, as Spark launches for Mac today, bringing all of its great features from iOS straight to the desktop.

In a nutshell, Spark is an extremely powerful email client, whose flagship Smart Inbox feature intelligently organizes your emails based on their type. This feature makes sure all your important email sits at the top and nothing is missed out throughout the day. Smart Notifications also make the cut on the desktop so that you are notified of important messages only if you happen to receive a lot of email.

The Spark app for Mac even features syncing across devices so that you can pick up right where you left off. It's a handy feature if you are asking me. Check out the video and see what you can expect from the app once you download it.

Apart from the usual email related features, Spark has full support for Touch Bar on 2016 MacBook Pro. This means you can quickly invoke actions without having to point and click with the mouse.

As I mentioned at the opening of this post, Spark for Mac is absolutely free to download and use just like its iOS counterpart. But there is a small catch, at the time of writing. The app is currently in the phase of being rolled out the world over therefore you can't grab it immediately. But once it does become available, you can grab it by clicking on the link below. Don't be alarmed if the link seems dead for at least a few hours.

If you have been looking for a good email client for your Mac, then be sure to give Spark a try. The amount of features it delivers without carrying a price tag is absolutely unprecedented in a lot of ways. I am certain the app will prove to be your go-to client when it comes to email in the days to come.

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