New iPhone 7 Concept Comes In Space Black, Features Touch-Sensitive Home Button, Lightning EarPods


A new iPhone 7 concept has surfaced and it's ultra-detailed. It features Space Black color option, a touch-sensitive Home button and Lightning EarPods.

New iPhone 7 Concept Is The Most Ultimate We Have Seen - Features Space Black Color Option, Touch-Sensitive Home Button, Lightning EarPods

Rumors regarding the iPhone 7 have started to pick up pace. The latest one from the blogosphere suggests Cupertino's upcoming flagship will adorn a new lick of paint dubbed as Space Black. This is the same color option which is currently exclusive to the steel Apple Watch lineup. Apart from that, the upcoming smartphone is also said to feature a touch-sensitive Home button with Touch ID. The headphone jack will, of course, make an exit, as corroborated by numerous leaks.

What the iPhone 7 might actually end up looking like is anyone's guess at this point. But concept designers are hard at work conjuring up the best render possible of the upcoming smartphone from Cupertino in the new tint of paint, Space Black. And a recently surfaced one, from Martin Hajek, is the best we have seen that features everything rumored to be present in the new iPhone. Have a look for yourself below and tell us what you think about it.

The icing on the cake in the above concept is iOS 10 dark mode. It looks absolutely stunning with Space Black, and the way the black bezels melt (figuratively) into the display looks insane. In fact, a recent discovery suggests that dark mode could be coming to iOS 10, but the feature is not currently enabled for some reason. There's a chance Apple might flip the switch down the line and a Space Black iPhone 7 would be the perfect device to showcase the feature.

Things are topped off with Lightning EarPods, which are rumored to come bundled with the iPhone 7. After all, the iPhone 7 is ditching the headphone jack, and there's no way Apple will be throwing in a 'free' adapter with every handset. Hence Lightning EarPods in the concept are the way to go.

Will The Space Black iPhone 7 Be A Worthy Buy?

There's something about a black phone which makes us keep on coming back for more. But in recent times, the dark handset has currently faded away (see what I did there?) into a very light tint in favor of minimalism. Bringing the color back after a long time in such a manner, that too on a device like the iPhone 7, definitely sends exciting chills down our body. But will it be a worthy buy? Definitely.