Sony Might be Dropping PS4 Price to $ 250 During The E3 Week

Jun 6, 2017

During next week’s E3 event, Sony might be lowering the PS4 price to only $ 250 USD.

That’s what VG247 reports following a recent article from website USA Today. According to the report, “select” Sony console’s will be priced lower between June 9 and June 17, and additional discounts on software an accessories are also mentioned in the article.

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If true, Sony’s official price cut of $ 50 USD could result in retailers offering select PS4 models and bundles for even lower prices.

As always, we will keep you updated. E3 will kick off this weekend with EA’s own presentation on Saturday at 12PM PDT. Microsoft’s E3 briefing will take place on Sunday (alongside Bethesda’s), while Sony is holding its presser on Monday at 6PM PDT.