Sony Asking What PS2 Games Fans Want; Socom 2 Most Requested, So Much PS2 Love Remains


Sony has just confirmed PS2 emulation on PS4, and already Sony's External Development Studio Europe, is asking fans what PS2 games they would like to see on PS4.  Judging from early response, fans are still loving the PS2, and Socom 2 appears to be the most requested title.

Sony confirmed PS2 emulation on PS4 to Wired last Thursday, following a report from Eurogamer. The recently released classic PS2 Star Wars titles, that were included with the Star Wars Battlefront PS4 bundle, are being emulated on Sony's PS4. According Eurogamer, PS2 emulation allows for quality and performance improvements on the PS4.

We've got some substantial improvements to image quality, but do the games run as they should - or dare we hope, better? It's early days right now. In truth it's been a while since we analyzed PS2 titles, and getting a clean 480p feed isn't easy - even with backward compatible PS3s in the house. However, it's certainly looking promising. The emulator is clearly running these games more smoothly, with Jedi Starfighter hitting 60fps while the game running on PS2 hardware has nothing like that level of output.

Sony hasn't revealed any details regarding the feature, and has stated to keep their mouths shut for the moment. This didn't prevent Sony's External Development Studio Europe (Sony XDEV) from asking what PS2 games, fans would like to play on PS4 though.

Responses to the tweet from Sony XDEV were insane, and even Driveclub's game director Paul Rustchynsky 'voted' for his PS2 game - WRC: Rally Involved

One game shows particular interest to be emulated on the PS4 - hundreds of fans seem to have requested Socom 2 on PS4. Some of the reactions below.

Judging from all the reactions, fans are still loving the PS2, and this is also acknowledged by Sony's External Studio. According Sony XDEV, it seems like fans are wanting every single PS2 game out there on PS4.

What PS2 game would you like to see appear on the PS4 through emulation? Leave a comments below.