Sony Bend’s Upcoming PS4 Game Will Be Their Biggest Title Ever, According Shu Yoshida


Sony’s upcoming PS4 game from in-house studio Sony Bend, will be the biggest title from the Syphon Filter developer so far.

A few weeks ago we posted that Bend’s secret new project might well be revealed soon. There is a slight chance that their new IP will be revealed this month during the Paris Games Week. Chances are higher that they will present their new title during the PlayStation Experience though.

Apart from the fact that the game will run on the Unreal 4 engine, not much is known. If rumors and insider Shinobi are to be believed, the new IP will be an open-world horror game. Shinobi said this on the Neogaf forums.

During a PS I Love You XOXO podcast from Kinda Funny Games, Sony’s Shu Yoshida talked about Bend’s upcoming title. Although the President of Sony Computer Entertainment didn’t reveal much, he is aware of the fact that Bend’s latest title was Uncharted: Golden Abyss. "We haven't announced anything about what Bend is working on, but it's true that Bend’s last game was Uncharted: Golden Abyss”, Yoshida said on the Podcast.

Yoshida again stated that Bend is working on something awesome and added that Bend’s upcoming game “is big – the biggest Sony Bend game ever”.

What are your thoughts about Sony Bend’s upcoming game? Do you believe it’s a open-world horror title? Would you rather prefer a new Syphon Filter instead? Drop a comment below.