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SNOW PS4 Won’t Lose Much In Graphics Fidelity; SVOGI To Be Implemented In The Future


Winter sports fans don't have much luck with videogames, but SNOW is trying to change all that with its open world mountain full of events and challenges. In the second part (you can find the first part here) of our interview with Poppermost CEO Alexander Bergendahl, we talk about the upcoming PS4 version, monetization plans and other technical details. Enjoy!

  • Are you planning paid content releases (DLC) after launch to monetize SNOW, since the game is F2P?
  • We won't be doing DLC, but instead continue adding content to the game and to the in-game store. This includes new clothing, equipment and events from our brand partners. We will also be releasing snowboarding and snowmobile game modes which will be free content updates for all users.
  • Have you been using CRYENGINE's SVOGI feature and if not, why?
  • We have been testing it internally and will implement it in the near future. It doesn't always work well with such a bright and white environment, so we need to continue tweaking it until we find a happy medium.
  • According to the official FAQ, you are targeting a release on PlayStation 4 in early 2016. Is that still the case and if so, can we assume that it will launch in Q1 2016?
  • Once we have launched the Open Beta on PC we will shift our focus towards the PS4 launch. We have the game running but need to give it some love to make sure it's as good looking and as stable as possible.
  • While porting the game to PS4, did you have to compromise on graphics fidelity in any way? Which resolution/frame rate combination are you targeting for the final release?
  • Thanks to the power of CRYENGINE we haven't had to sacrifice much in terms of visual fidelity. We haven't finalized our expected resolution or frame rate yet, but we hope to have more information on that in the future.

SNOW's Open Beta will be available on Steam from January 27.