Snapchat Now Lets You Use Face Swap With Photos In Camera Roll, Here’s How To Use It

Ali Salman

Snapchat today has been updated with an extension of the Face Swap feature. Now, you have the available option to swap faces with any photo stored in your iPhone's Camera Roll. Since Face Swap is becoming a thing and users have found many unique uses with the feature, Snapchat just gave you another reason. If you have any downloaded photos or photos taken from your iPhone, you can use this feature to swap faces with them. Let's see what the update has to offer and how it works on your iPhone.


How To Use Snapchat's Face Swap Feature With Camera Roll Photos

Until today, users used the Face Swap by standing side-by-side in a single frame. With the new update, you can now swap faces with photo in your Camera Roll. The option will automatically detect the face of the person in the photo and swap it with yours. The feature detects faces in photos the same way as current filters on the app. To take advantage of this feature, be sure to download or take some pictures so they appear in the Camera Roll. It will only detect faces that have a mouth, nose and eyes. Here's how you can work the feature.

  • The first thing that you need to do is update your Snapchat app, then point the camera to yourself and tap and hold your face on the display.
  • This way Snapchat will detect your face and bring up various photo filters to choose from. Among the effects, scroll to the extreme left and tap on the purple icon.
  • Snapchat will look up all the photos that it detects and display them on the screen. Now scroll through the available thumbnails and tap to activate Face Swap with your live image.
  • To take the picture, simply tap on the purple icon. This is it, your face will be swapped.

Snapchat's update to swap faces with any photo in your Camera Roll has endless possibilities and it makes room for more funny images. Moreover, Snapchat is also set to forgo paid Replays in the update. This way users could purchase additional replays of the exact same snap through IAPs. Now, all snapchat photos can be reviewed after they expire.


The Face Swap feature through Camera Roll is available on iOS starting today. Moreover, it seems that Snapchat has yet not rolled out this feature to Android. So if you have an iPhone, be sure to take unique snaps and amaze your friends. What do you think about this update? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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