Smartphones, Gadgets, TVs, Wearables And More – At This Year’s CES 2015

Ramish Zafar

With 2014 behind its, its time to kickstart 2015 and what a better way than to do so with one of the year's largest electronics show, the Consumer Electronics Show being held in Vegas. Every year thousands of company's showcase their latest offerings for the general public and manufacturing partners alike to set the tone for the year ahead.

With our expectations of Hardware, Gaming and Virtual Reality devices expected at this year's Consumer Electronics Show already up, its time to take a look at the other side of the coin - namely what to expect from the mobile, wearable and TV sectors. So take a look below at all that can be expected from CES this year.


Smartphones And Tablets.

At this year's CES, you can expect to lay your eyes on several smartphone and tablet debuts. The first of these is LG's G Flex 2, the curved smartphone which will be the successor to the company's earlier G Flex. By the looks of things LG's looking to steal the spotlight this year with the G Flex 2 as the device's official posters have already been put up by the manufacturer. LG's press conference is generally one of the first to take place at CES so keep your eyes peeled.

But perhaps the major show stealer when it comes to tablets and smartphones in Vegas this will be Sony. The Japanese manufacturer has been long rumored to have the Xperia Z4 and the Xperia Z4 Ultra under the works. Both the devices are expected to come featuring the Snapdragon 810 and several upgrades on board. We might as well see Sony take the wraps off its flagship smartphone and tablet this year, if the delays caused by the Snapdragon 810 are not true.

With all the hype about Sony and LG, what about another Korean giant Samsung and the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC? After earlier rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S6 might be seeing a CES launch, chances of Samsung's next flagship making a public appearance in Las Vegas are slim. But the Samsung Galaxy S6 might be present at the CES - according to a latest report that pegs the device getting a partner only demo in Vegas. HTC isn't expected to launch the One M9 at CES either, with the device allegedly getting a standalone event similar to last year.

LG Display 65inch Curved Ultra HD OLED TV Panel-580-90


As mentioned above, looks like LG has huge plans for this year's CES. Not only will the company be introducing the G Flex 2, but its also expected to introduce a variety of new TVs in an attempt to make consumers upgrade their existing units. The company recently introduced 4K UHD TVs which a new technology being dubbed as quantum dot for improved color reproduction rate.

And before we forget, both Sony and LG are also expected to debut 8K TVs, as if 4K displays weren't enough already. A variety of other companies are also expected to showcase Quantum Dot TVs at CES, and LG claims that the technology offers the benefits of OLED with a much cheaper cost. Will Quantum Dot be the next big thing? Samsung's also placed some advertisements about introducing its 'most seductive TV of all time'. Just how seductive it really is, we'll find out soon.



Last year's CES saw several new wearables being introduced which failed to garner much interest from the market. With Google's introduction of Android Wear later on and Apple's debut of the Apple Watch later on, the wearable market changed significantly and more manufacturers can be expected to have better products this year. LG's expected to introduce a potential successor to the G Watch introduced last year, and Sony's e-paper watch also managed to raise significant hype. HTC is also promising a product "very different from anything currently on the market" according to a company spokesman earlier. Just how different wearables turn out to be this year, we'll find out for sure.


The Internet Of Things.

While The Internet Of Things has been a 'thing' for quite a while, yet its failed to capture the market and consumer's attention. The main reason for this is that even though a variety of manufacturers have started to make products that enable household inter-connectivity, cross appliance communication between these gadgets still proves to be a significant hurdle.

Apple HomeKit, Google's NEST and Samsung's SmartThings have managed to make several headways in the platform but a concrete smart home platform is yet to emerge. So we can expect to see a lot of new smart devices to be introduced this year but unless there's a major platform for all of these devices to gather around, we're out of luck when it comes to the Internet Of Things.

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