SleekNotifications Gives the iOS Notifications & Widgets a Minimal Look


Want to tone down the iOS notifications and widgets a little? Using a jailbreak tweak called SleekNotifications, you can do just that.

Give Your Notifications & Widgets a Minimal Look with a New Jailbreak Tweak

To begin with, there's nothing much wrong with iOS notifications and widgets. They get the job done and that's the most important thing. However, there's always room for improvement in several different ways. This is where the jailbreak community shines brightest since you can't alter any aspect of iOS to the way you like on a stock level.

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Thanks to a new entry in the world of jailbreaking called SleekNotifications, you can give the notifications and widgets an extremely minimal look. This is achieved by removing all sorts of text separators and masks from the notification and widget bubble, giving the UI a far more cleaner and solid look. While it may not sound like much, but if you compare it to how things are at a stock level, then you will obviously appreciate what this tweak has to offer.

The tweak is available to download for free straight from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. Once downloaded and installed, there's nothing to configure at all. It works right out of the box. And you will be pleased to learn that it plays nicely with other tweaks as well such as CleanNotifications10, ColorBanners2 etc.

Here's the full description of the tweak as per its download page on Cydia.

Compatible with iOS 10

Minimalize notifications and widgets for ios 10. Compatible with: Noctis, CleanNotifications10, ColorBanners 2, Priority Hub 2

No options to configure.

The most appealing thing about this tweak, at least to me, is that there's not much work required to get up and running. Sure, a bit of customizable toggles and sliders go a long way when it comes to achieving that 'perfect look,' but that formula just does not work everywhere.

Take the tweak for a spin and see if it suits your needs. Provided it's absolutely free to begin with, there's no harm in seeing if it actually ends up being a part of your repertoire in the long run.

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