Skype too Gets the Text-String Bug – Endless Crash Loop on iOS, Android & Windows

We shared with you last week how an obscure text string was causing iOS Messages app to crash. Seems like the bug is going to bless other apps and services too. Reportedly, same bug has now been discovered in the Skype app on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

The text string that is making Skype crash is seemingly not that obscure: http://:. Yep the first part of a URL is making the Skype app crash on all the three major platforms. On the devices, when Skype re-opens, chat history is loaded carrying the string and the app crashes immediately.

Folks at VentureBeat tested the bug by sending Skype crash string from OS X to Android and iOS causing both the mobile apps fall in endless crash loops.

"Interestingly, signing in with the same account that already had the characters in the chat history doesn’t crash the Android and iOS apps. Neither does sending the characters from Android or iOS. It seems that on the mobile platforms, the user has to receive the characters on those platforms for the bug to show its ugly head. "

Fixing the Skype crash loop:

Microsoft is reportedly working on fixing this bug and is definitely aware of the issue, as VentureBeat reported. For now, there doesn't seem to be any way to fix this Skype crash loop issue on iOS and Android. On Windows, however, you can ask the sender of this troubled string to delete the message. You have then to delete your Skype app followed by reinstalling an older version of Skype.

One thing to note is that while the bug affects Windows operating system, so far OS X has remained safe from this string crash issue. Like Apple, Skype is also expected to find some temporary bug fix and release it soon as an update.

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