Kojima’s Silent Hills P.T. Demo Restored for Xbox and PC Players Within Halo Infinite’s Upcoming Forge Mode, Well Sorta

Aernout van de Velde
Silent Hills PT demo Xbox Halo Infinite Forge

From the looks of it, Xbox and PC players will soon be able to experience Hideo Kojima’s iconic Silent Hill P.T. demo.

Well, in a way at least as some crafty Halo Infinite Co-Op campaign testers have found a way to access the upcoming Halo Forge mod and recreate Kojima’s masterpiece within Infinite’s Forge mode, allowing Xbox and PC players owning Halo Infinite to experience a part of the former PlayStation-exclusive Silent Hills teaser (which, unfortunately, never saw the light).

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Created by Forge horror map creator ‘DT’, his Forge creation features the iconic intro hallway from the P.T. demo, and its looking quite impressive. Based on this creation, it’s clear that the upcoming Forge mode is quite the upgrade over previous Halo Forge modes, and we’re pretty interested in what more can be created in Infinite’s Forge mode once it is released later this year.

As impressive as this creation already looks at this point, ‘DT’ has promised that he will keep improving his project. “My ultimate goal is to make [Silent Hills] PT so well in Forge one day, it prompts a cease and desist from Konami”, ‘DT’ wrote on Twitter.

You can check out DT’s Silent Hills P.T. demo creation down below:

A lot has been said and written about Kojima’s P.T. demo. The demo was released back in August of 2014 as a teaser for Konami’s Silent Hills reboot. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, Konami later canceled the project and also removed the demo from the official PlayStation Store. Currently, the Silent Hills teaser can only still be played by those who have it installed on their PlayStation 4 console, and while it was shortly playable on PlayStation 5 as well (for those who managed to transfer it from their PS4 console), the demo was quickly made unplayable on Sony’s next-gen console.

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