Silent Hill Transmission Announcements Include Silent Hill: Ascension, Silent Hill 2 Remake and More

Francesco De Meo
Silent Hill

Today's Silent Hill Transmission presentation will not only announce the rumored remake of the second entry in the series but also brand new entries in the franchise, the first in a very long time.

As spotted by ResetERA forums member modiz, the presentation tags on YouTube have revealed which announcements will be made during it. Alongside Silent Hill 2, there's mention of Silent Hill: Ascension and Return to Silent Hill, which could be the names of new entries in the series. We do know that a new movie based on the series is in the works, so either could also be the name of such a movie. PlayStation and Steam are also among the tags, so we do know that these projects will not be full PlayStation exclusives.

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The Silent Hill Transmission presentation will air later today at 2:00 PM PDT, providing all the latest updates on the series. According to a reliable insider who first shared screenshots of one of the upcoming projects based on the series, the Short Message playable teaser will also be revealed during the event. Mystery will play a big role in the teaser, according to the insider.

The other thing I'll say is the story spoilers for Silent Hill Sakura aren't out there yet, which thank God. I hope it stays this way & my earlier warning remains null. But as long as its out there, the risk remains. I'm genuinely fond of Sakura's story, I suggest avoiding them. Mystery plays a big part in it, piecing together its story, spoiling that I do think takes away from the experience. I think it'll just be robbing people of something cool. I'll mention if it gets out, & ask those in possession please hold off the major spoilers.

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