Insider Says Project Scorpio Will Likely Run Most Games In Native 4K With Room For Enhancements; “Very Excited” For Tomorrow


It seems that Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio will be able to run most titles in native 4k resolution without a sweat while still having enough power left for other visual enhancements.

At least, that’s what well-known industry insider ‘Shinobi602’ said on Twitter just now after having expressed to be “really excited” for Microsoft’s alleged Scorpio reveal tomorrow. “Phew, really excited to read up in detail on the Scorpio tomorrow”, Shinobi tweeted. “With what I'm hearing, I'll certainly be getting multiplats on it.”

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In a follow-up tweet, the insider said that from what he’s been hearing, Project Scorpio will seemingly run most Xbox games in native 4K resolution without a problem, while still having enough horsepower left for additional visual enhancements. “Well, its made to benefit XB1 level games”, he tweeted. “Sounds like it'll run most games at native 4K no problem w/ room to spare for other visual [improvements].”

As covered earlier today, it seems that retailer Amazon has already placed a Project Scorpio placeholder page online ahead of the alleged reveal tomorrow. Rumors surrounding a possible Scorpio reveal this week surfaced over the past weekend following some tweets from Windows Central's senior editor, Jez Corden. In addition, Corden just tweeted that CD Projekt Red's The Witcher 3 might be upgraded to 4K resolution for Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio project. Please note that this hasn't been confirmed in any way.

As always, we will keep you updated.

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