Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom New Screenshots Showcase Beautiful Environments

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

2016 is going to be remembered as a great year for role playing games, thanks to the release of many high profile titles. Alongside the big names such as Final Fantasy XV and Persona 5, players will also be able to enjoy games that are not as well known, but that definitely look promising, like Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, a colorful action role playing game currently in development by Enigami Studio.

Earlier today, some new Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom screenshots have been made available, presenting the world of Mahera and it various environments. Judging from these screenshots, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom will feature quite a few nice looking and colorful locations.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

The world of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is linked together by the Meonis Plains, which are the center of travel. The area is massive in scale, and players will be traveling all over to explore dungeons, defeat enemies and help others by completing quests. Some additional details have also emerged on Shjue Village, one of the central locations of the game.

One key place in the plains is Shjue Village. Here, players can locate the mount vendor and purchase an Amos beast. These friendly-looking creatures help Chado and his friends travel the plains to quickly get from place to place. Your adventure will lead your group to immense locations like the mysterious Train Station. This area is not only technologically superior to the neighboring settlements, but also militarized... you never know if you will be welcome or not to the places you visit, so stay on your guard!

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom will release sometime this year. We will let you know more about the game as soon as more comes in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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