Shenmue 3 Will Get Ragdoll Reaction Thanks To Latest Stretch Goal


Shenmue 3 just reached another stretch goal by going over $6.5M. It's a rather important one, since it will add proper ragdoll reaction to the game's combat system.

While the Kickstarter campaign provided Yu Suzuki and his team with $6,333,295 in pledges (a new record for the video games category, which allowed Suzuki-san to enter the Guinness World Records), there is an ongoing "slacker backer" campaign allowing folks to pledge via PayPal. This campaign already provided an additional $170K and all of it counts towards new stretch goals.

The next one, though, is quite far right now. At $7 million, Ys Net will add "AI Battling" to Shenmue 3, while the $7.5 stretch goal would allow them to include the "High Ground Battle system".

Suzuki previously stated that the full Shenmue 3 open world would require crowdfunding of $10 million, though he will make the best game possible with the available money.

Shenmue 3, tentatively scheduled for December 2017, is being developed with Epic's Unreal Engine 4 and will release on PC and PlayStation 4 platforms.