Sharp Is Investing Nearly $900 Million for OLED Production Before iPhone 8 Announcement


Production giants have started to invest heavily in OLED production, and this is happening before the introduction of the iPhone 8. With rumors spreading that the iPhone 8 is going to feature an OLED panel coupled with the fact that one report claims that all 2019 iPhones will use OLED panels, it pays to stay ahead of the competition.

Latest Report Claims That Sharp Is Going to Invest a Total of $878 Million in OLED Production Before the iPhone 8 Announcement

Sources close to the matter have stated that Sharp’s massive investment for OLED production might be targeted towards the type of display that Apple is searching for right now (via AppleInsider). It does not appear that Sharp will be one of Apple’s partners to supply it with OLED screens for the iPhone 8 this year because our previous report detailed that Samsung had already struck a massive deal with the California-based giant.

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This could conclude that the South Korean tech firm is going to remain the exclusive supplier of OLED panels for the entire 2017 calendar year, so it looks like having massive amounts of resources at your disposal will definitely work out well in your favor.

Other manufacturers will start entering the fold starting from 2018, and it looks like the level of investment that Sharp has been reported to inject might reveal that the manufacturer is going to be one of the several suppliers for Apple’s future mobile devices, including iPads. Apple likes to keep several suppliers for specific components because it gives the tech giant more leverage when negotiating the prices of those components.

This is possibly the only reason why Apple decided to bring in Intel for its LTE modems, since having Qualcomm would just not be sufficient. There is a total of three iPhones that are expected to be announced this year; the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will be a part of the company’s usual phone upgrade cycle while the iPhone 8 will sport a complete design overhaul coupled with an OLED panel and dual-camera sensor.