Set iTunes MiniPlayer to Always Be On Top of Other Windows – How to


Here is how you can set the iTunes MiniPlayer to float on top of every other window in macOS.

Never Lose the iTunes MiniPlayer By Enabling it to Float on Top of Everything Else

As soon as you go ballistic during your workflow, there's a chance your music player (iTunes in this case) manages to hide itself somewhere in the background. When the time comes to switch tracks and find something new, you first of all start scrambling to find iTunes in the first place. Once found, you then go about your business. The ideal solution to fix the clutter problem is by utilizing the iTunes MiniPlayer. On top of that, set the MiniPlayer to float on top of every other window as well. In today's guide we will show you how to do exactly that.

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In case you are wondering how to toggle the MiniPlayer mode, simply float your mouse cursor on the album art at the top bar of iTunes then click on it. iTunes will instantly switch to MiniPlayer mode.

1. Launch iTunes.

2. In menu bar, click on iTunes then select Preferences.

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3. Now click on Advanced.

4. At the bottom you'll see an option labelled 'Keep MiniPlayer on top of all other windows.' Click to check this option.

Now, whenever you switch to the MiniPlayer mode in iTunes, the window will float on top of everything else. This is handy especially if you want your music to always be in control by you. Also, the MiniPlayer is a great way to glance at what's coming next as well. All in all, it's something which everyone should try out regardless of their tastes.

Wrap Up

iTunes is a great little piece of software that gets the work done on a number of occasions. Sure, there are a few hiccups which one will come across on a time to time basis, but that's something to be expected in any software out there. Thankfully, Apple is always working in the background to make sure its music management software is top-notch in every way possible. After all, it has to do so no matter what, it's a hub for Apple Music.