Set Custom DNS On Apple TV 4 And Improve Streaming Speed


Here's how you can set a custom DNS address on Apple TV 4 and improve streaming speeds in a few easy steps.

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Apple TV 4 is a wonderful device for streaming content from the cloud, but things can slow down dramatically at times even if you have a fast Internet connection all thanks to your ISP's crippled DNS server. But just like iOS, you can set custom DNS addresses to speed things up a bit, and hopefully put an end to 'buffering' once and for all.

Just follow the steps outlined below and you'll be up and running in no time.

Set Custom DNS Address On Apple TV 4

We're assuming that you're connected to a WiFi network already at the start of this guide. If you aren't, then simply navigate to Settings > Network to connect to a WiFi network right away.

All set? Let's dive right into it.

1. With the Apple TV 4 turned on, use the Siri Remote to open the 'Settings' app from the home screen.

2. You'll see a list of options. Open up 'Network.'

3. Select your WiFi network at the top.

4. On the next screen select your WiFi network once more.

5. Scroll down and you'll see an option labeled 'Configure DNS.' Click to open it up.

6. Now select 'Manual.'

7. Enter the custom DNS address you'd like to use and then select 'Done.'

We highly recommend that you do a quick search online and see which DNS server you wish to use. But if you're asking us, we would advise you to try out Google DNS ( and OpenDNS ( on your Internet connection, as they're widely used addresses with fast and efficient servers spread across the globe.

Also keep in mind that changing the DNS address will not instantly upgrade your Internet connection to download things faster. A better DNS server will only translate pages much more quicker compared to the older one, nothing more, nothing less.

If you constantly stream things like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and more on your Apple TV 4, then it's recommended to give a third-party DNS server a shot as they can help a lot in fixing streaming speeds, cutting down the buffering effect altogether in a lot of cases.

If you found the above guide useful, then be sure to let us know about it in the comments section below. And while you're at it, also check out our guide on how to set custom DNS addresses on an iPhone and iPad in a few easy steps down below.

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