AMD Sempron 145 and FX-8320 Smash Overclocking HWBOT Rankings Once Again

Amidst all the news surrounding new processor and graphic card launches, overclockers and enthusiasts have kept up to their task of pushing the boundaries of existing hardware. This time AMD's Sempron 145 and FX-8320 have been their target. The Sempron 145 was launched by AMD in September of 2010 and is part of processor based on the 'Sargas' core. It is a single core processor with 1 thread and frequency of 2.8 GHz. The FX-8320 is relatively newer when compared to the Sempron. It was launched in October 2012 and has a base frequency capability of 3.5 GHz with four 2 MB L2 Caches and a 8 MB L3.

With 159 cb Points I.nfraR.ed Bags Top Global Overclocking Positions In Sempron 145 and Single Core CPUs. Tiborrr Scores First For FX-8320 In Cinbench and UCBench 2011.

Bulgarian enthusiast I.nfraR.ed using liquid nitrogen as a cooling agent has managed to overclock AMD's Sempron 145 to 6650 MHz. The base frequency capability of the Sempron 145 is 2800 MHz. Memory employed by the enthusiast was Ballistix's DDR SDRAM. Memory size was 2048 MB with a clockspeed of 475 MHz. Timings on the memory were CL4.0 3-3-5 1T. Temperature details for the processor and the mainboard were not provided. The memory was air cooled by the enthusiast. The mainboard employed by the enthusiast was DFI's LANparty DK 790FXB-M2RSH with 790FX Chipset. The mainboard was cooled using liquid nitrogen as well. VGA used by the enthusiast was Nvidia's GeForce 8500 GT. This overclocking achievement earns I.nfraR.ed a score of 159 cb on Cinebench R15 and fetches him a Global ranking of 1 out of 102 and a Sempron 145 rank of 1 out of 32.

Siberian enthusiast Tiborrr also managed to update records of AMD's  FX-8320 on the Cinebench R15. In the overclocking, the processor was pushed to a staggering frequency of 6375 MHz from it's base frequency of 3500 MHz. Temperatures on the unit were kept at a -189 C load, -187 C ambient and 22 C ambient. The CPU was cooled using liquid nitrogen. 4096 MB of DDR3 SDRAM with clockspeed of 1000 MHz was air-cooled with timings of CL7.0 8-7-24 1T. The mainboard used was Gigabyte's 990FXA-UD7 and was cooled using the board's standard stock cooling options. This overclocking score of 10.93 on the Cinebench R15 earns Tiborrr first position out of 42 on the FX-8320 chart and a global rank of 35 out of 188 for 8x CPUs.

On the UCBench 2011, Tiborrr managed to get a score of 2016 MPT. The FX-8320 was clocked to 6250 MHz. Hardware details for both the runs are the same. The overclocking score of 2016 MPT earns Tiborrr 1st rank out of 17 on the FX-8320 and a Global 8X CPU rank of 12 out of 121, making him fare slightly better than the run on Cinbench R15.


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